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Our story and how Teapotpourri started


Teapotpourri Ltd is a small business run in Scotland by two very close friends, Sarahjane and Claire, who have been friends for 17 years.

It all started over 5 years ago in 2009. Sarahjane was researching into a natural alternative to sugar as her dad had Type II Diabetes and was struggling with his sweet tooth. Sarahjane came across a sweetener called Stevia which she could only get from America as it had not yet been passed in the EU. It cost a lot of money but after reading everything she could find about it she thought that it would be worth a try. She and her family were at their wits ends trying to come up with ways to help her dad who's health was gradually getting worse from the Diabetes.

At the same time, I (Claire) had taken time out to go travelling, a dream I had always wanted to fulfil. I was in Brazil, South America, when I received an email from Sarahjane telling me about this new sweetener she had come across. Knowing that I also had difficulty with my sweet tooth Sarahjane wanted to let me know about it. I wrote back to Sarahjane to say that funnily enough I had noticed small bottles on every cafe and restaurant table which I had asked my guide about. The tour guide had gone on to explain that the bottles contained Stevia liquid, it was to be used to sweeten tea and coffee instead of using sugar or artificial sweeteners, none of which could be found on the tables.

Coincidence or fate? Call it what you will but we both like to think that it was fate that we both came across Stevia at the same time and half a world apart!

Stevia extract was finally passed in the EU in late 201l. At this point Sarahjane and I were thinking about starting up our own business. We wanted to do something different, everyone was opening up coffee shops so we thought why not try to promote Green tea instead. Its so much better for people but we knew that the bitter taste green tea has puts a lot of people off drinking it. That's when we had our light bulb moment and Teapotpourri was born.

Unfortunately in 2012 Sarahjane's dad passed away due to his Diabetes and a few months later my dad passed away due to cancer. These devastating times have only driven our passion to promote our Green tea and Stevia products. We want to help people. We want to bring awareness of Stevia and show people that they do have healthy alternatives on offer.

Its a health journey for us as well. We don't claim to have all the answers or the perfect bodies. We know first hand how hard it is to stick to healthy eating and exercise regimes. But if we can change a few bad habits to good ones then its got to be a good thing!


We are not just your average cup of tea!


Behind every packet lies a lot of care and attention to ensure you get a great cup of tea...    

Stage one - picking the fruit then bathing them to get rid of chemicals

Firstly we pick the fruit that goes into our tea, then we bath them in a white vinegar solution to get rid of any nasty chemicals...

Stage 2 - peeling, drying and chopping the fruit

then we spend hours peeling, drying and chopping so that we can begin using them in our blends...

Stage 3 - hand blending and packaging the tea

each tea pocket is hand blended, using the same measurements each time, before being packaged ready for sale.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we use whole leaf Sencha Green Tea, flowers, herbs, spices and dried fruit instead of ground up particles called ‘dust’ and artificial flavourings that many other companies use. Our aim is to provide people with quality teas that have real ingredients you can trust.

There are no artificial flavourings or preservatives in our blends.

We like to keep things natural.


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